Safety, Training, Insurance and Bonding

Hauser Bros. Inc. is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Business and trade licenses are permitted and issued by local government agencies that allow companies like Hauser Bros. Inc. to conduct business within that government's geographical jurisdiction. As a plumbing and mechanical company, Hauser Bros. has the proper licensing, insurance and bonding capacity to support all your plumbing and mechanical requirements. 

As a large established plumbing and mechanical contracting and service company, we seek greater professional accomplishment to produce a steady flow of project opportunities. Our experience has allowed us to provide the financial security for our business operations. We are backed by a track record of solid performance and success, as well as a network of referrals to large projects for all our clients, be they commercial, industrial, municipal or corporate.

Training is also an essential part of our operations. Hauser Bros. continuously monitors and trains all its employees, to provide the best skilled tradesmen for all your project needs. We recognize that noncompliance can lead to serious penalties and the subsequent damaged reputation to your organization. Thanks to Hauser Bros. training programs, the focus of our team is always safety and compliance first. This maintains our spot as the leader in plumbing and mechanical services, which pays great dividends toward maintaining or enhancing the reputation of our clients.

Hauser Bros. and its employees holds certificates. Here are a few of the training and certification programs in which we participate:

Hauser Bros. is certified in: